Best Treatment for Under Eye Hollows

Best Treatment for Under Eye Hollows

Your eyes are the first to reveal the signs of aging, fatigue or even poor health. The under-eye area, also called tear troughs, can start to look sunken and lacking in that youthful fullness that we enjoyed in our twenties and thirties.

What’s happening under the skin is a combination of factors. These include fat loss, separation of our natural fat pads, loss of bone density, and in some cases, crepey, sagging skin caused by gravity. Therefore the best treatment for under eye hollows is to tackle the aging process on multiple planes.

Keep in mind that sometimes under eye hollowness can be genetic and the result of one’s natural facial structure. Regardless of the reason, the following non-surgical treatments can refresh and rejuvenate the under eyes, helping to restore a more well-rested and youthful appearance:

Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) Injections

If your under eye hollows are mild-to-moderate, you may be an excellent candidate for PRP injections. Platelet-Rich-Plasma is a naturally-occurring substance present in your own blood that contains growth factors. These are powerful self-healing agents that belong to a class of auto-regenerative medicine.

What’s unique about PRP is its ability to rejuvenate almost any tissue. When injected under the eyes, the healing factors in your own blood platelets stimulate collagen production and cell renewal, improving the appearance of hollows and dark circles.

What Happens During PRP Treatment?

A small amount of your blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge to isolate the growth factors. Red blood cells are removed and only the PRP is harnessed to be used for treatment. It’s then transferred to a sterile syringe and injected under the eyes using a traditional needle or cannula (blunt tip needle).

There’s an immediate plumping effect due to the liquid being introduced under the skin; however, that normally subsides by the next day. Over the next several weeks, however, the nutrients and growth factors promote healing of underlying tissue, restoring a plumping and rejuvenating effect to the under eyes.

For best results, a series of 3-6 treatments are recommended. With each session, the health and integrity of the skin, collagen and natural fat pads gradually improve, leading to longer-term results.

Dermal Filler To Immediately Reduce Under Eye Hollows

If you would like to see improvement in the short-term, consider dermal filler to rejuvenate sunken tear-troughs. This highly effective procedure is extremely popular because results and instant, and often very dramatic.

In this case hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are injected under the eyes using a cannula (as this minimizes the chances of bruising). They type of filler typically selected for this area is thinner (to avoid lumps) and is minimally hydrophilic (meaning it doesn’t like to attract too much water).

In addition, your injector may also treat the medial cheeks (the area just under the tear trough) to give it more support, improving both results and longevity. You can expect under-eye filler to last anywhere from six to 12 months, and touch-ups may be necessary once a year to maintain the results.

Microneedling and RF Skin Tightening to Improve Texture and Laxity

A complementary treatment to both dermal filler and PRP is microneedling. We use an automated device to create tiny micro-punctures in the skin to boost collagen production and improve skin health. If your under eye hollowness is accompanied by aging skin, then a series of 3-6 microneedling sessions can smooth the skin’s texture and lightly firm the area.

You may also consider skin tightening using radiofrequency (RF) energy devices such as Venus Freeze. RF tightens skin from the inside by gently heating up the deeper dermis. Over time skin appears tighter and smoother. We recommend 6-8 sessions for best results.

Since many factors contribute to skin aging, addressing it using multiple modalities will always produce more satisfactory and long-term results. Curious about PRP, dermal filler, microneedling or any other treatments mentioned in this blog? Contact us as 416-705-8672 or visit our website.

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