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Botox has it’s many uses and advantages, primarily acting as a treatment for diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Though, Botox can actually be used to treat migraines and excessive sweating known as a condition called ‘hyperhidrosis’.  Both migraines and hyperhidrosis are unwanted matters that can make life a little hard at times. Contact our Botox Burlington Clinic to learn how to fix migraines and hyperhidrosis with a Botox treatment

Migraines can halt you from your day-to-day life with throbbing pain and increase in sensitivity to light or sound and can also make you feel sick. On the other hand, excessive sweating will have you stressing about what to wear or may put you in positions where you feel embarrassed. Those that deal with hyperhidrosis can sweat with movement, when they feel emotional, or can be a result of hormones.

The Botox treatment Burlington clinic offers is safe and effective in professional hands. Our injectors are both knowledgeable and experienced and look after each patient with care. They will determine exactly where to inject the Botox along with the number of units needed.  It is important to communicate with the aesthetician and properly outline all of your concerns so that they understand the exact procedure to carryout.

If you’re wondering, how can Botox help with migraines and hyperhidrosis? We have outlined everything you need to know. Keep reading for some insight on these Botox treatments!

What Is a Migraine?

A migraine is known to be a very undesirable throbbing headache. It usually impacts one side of the head and can lead to feelings of nausea and an increased sensitivity to light or sound. Some may experience migraines several times a week where others can experience the excruciating headache every few years.

Although, the exact cause of migraines is unknown, medical experts suggest that it is a result of temporary changes in the chemicals, nerves, and blood vessels in the brain. For people who are prone to migraines they usually associate the triggers to the start of their period, stress, fatigue, or certain foods or beverages. Genetics can also play a role when it comes to the various factors attributed to migraines.

Treat Your Migraine Concerns at Our Botox Burlington Medical Aesthetics Clinic

Botox is an FDA-approved substance that is a purified protein. It is injected into the facial muscles to relax them and lessen the appearance of wrinkles. For those that deal with chronic migraines, Botox is a preventative therapy that can block certain chemical signals from your nerves when injected into your body. This treatment, known to enhance your beauty and make you look more youthful, works as a roadblock when the migraine decides to act up again.

Our skilled practitioners perform the finest Botox treatment Burlington has in store. They carefully inject the areas involved in headache and migraine pain. After the Botox injections are completed, it may take up to 10-14 days or longer to feel relief. If the first session does not help your migraine symptoms, then additional treatments may be needed for the Botox to become effective.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that is known to cause excessive sweating. This sweating condition affects up to 5% of the global population, and those that suffer from it can sweat 4-5 times more than the average individual. So, in other words, hyperhidrosis means that the sweat glands are always switched on and do not shut off.

This condition is not life-threatening; however, it plays a substantial role psychologically, emotionally, and socially. Individuals that suffer from hyperhidrosis leads them to live and plan their life differently from others. It can even lead them to avoid social settings or situations.

Fortunately, the injectors at our Botox Burlington clinic can effectively treat your concerns.

Prevent Hyperhidrosis with the Most Pleasant Botox treatment Burlington Has

As previously mentioned, Botox is an FDA-approved purified protein that is injected into the facial muscles to relax them and lessen the appearance of wrinkles. Currently, Botox has been approved for being used to prevent issues with excessive sweating like hyperhidrosis.

The medical aestheticians at our Botox Burlington clinic inject the Botox just below the surface of the skin. Depending on your areas of concern, they will inject the Botox several times forming a grid-like pattern. Ice or a numbing substance may be used to prevent pain.

Prior to conducting the procedure consult with our Botox treatment Burlington specialists to understand how to prepare for it and it will give you the opportunity to outline any existing medical conditions that you may have. Once treatment is completed, we may ask you to schedule a follow-up appointment to check in with an update and touch up any missed spots.

Don’t wait any longer, visit our clinic to receive an amazing Botox treatment, other Burlington clinics can’t compare to!

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