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With age, sometimes the undesirable features start making appearances such as an increase in wrinkles. However, age isn’t always the primary factor in the causation of fine lines and wrinkles. Other causes may include genetics, frequent sun exposure, pollutants, or even smoking.

Luckily, we live in a time where the beauty industry has evolved to a point where surgical procedures are not always the answer. Now a days, Botox treatments are one of the most common beauty procedures performed. Botox essentially works on your nervous system and is injected into your facial muscles. The treatment prevents the Acetylcholine chemical to be released which then results in prevention of wrinkles. Although results are not immediate, when the Botox starts kicking in, it leads to a flawless outcome.

Come visit Therapeutic Aesthetics for the best Botox Oakville has to offer. Our licensed injectors have mastered the craft of injecting with the best techniques.

The following article outlines some of the most common areas of concern that Botox treatments target.

Forehead Lines? You Don’t Have to Worry About That When You Visit Therapeutic Aesthetics: The Best Botox Oakville Offers

Horizontal forehead lines are also sometimes referred to as ‘surprise lines’. These creases that grace above your eyebrows and move with your expressions are considered some of the first signs of aging. However, sometimes other factors such as excessive sun exposure without protection can deepen the forehead lines and are still visible even without making expressions. So, because they become difficult to hide that is why it’s one of the most common areas targeted with Botox.

Botox has the ability to reduce the appearance but may not remove the lines completely. Prior to the treatment, the aestheticians at our Botox Oakville clinic will recommend the appropriate methods to determine the outcome and number of Botox units needed.

Remove Crow’s Feet Lines Around Your Eyes at the Top Botox Oakville Clinic

You may not be pleased by the appearance of the fine lines extended from the corners of your eyes. These fine lines, also known as crow’s feet, can be more visible when you smile or laugh but can also appear even when you’re not. Therefore, it has become one of the most popular treatment areas. The Botox treatment Oakville clinic has is very effective in lessening the appearance and easing the lines. The outcome following the procedure used by our Botox Oakville team allows our patients to bring back a youthful look and enhance their existing beauty.

If you have drooping eyelids that tend to make your eyes appear smaller, Botox in this area can aid in treating this certain concern. Consult with our professional injectors to determine the appropriate steps to take.

You Don’t Have to Have Frown Lines When You Come to the Best Botox Oakville Clinic

Don’t like the lines that make you look tired, angry, or upset? Worry not, glabella lines (frown lines) can be reduced in appearance with Botox treatments. These vertical creases in between the eyebrows show more when you frown or furrow your brows. Botox can decrease the depth of the lines and smooth out the creases.

Over the years, since Botox has emerged, this particular area has become one of the more prevalent target areas. Our practitioners will inject the area resulting in a more relaxed facial appearance.

There is a reason why we’re known as the best Botox Oakville aesthetics clinic. Our welcoming team awaits your journey to prettification.

This Botox Oakville Treatment Will Revive Your Youthfulness

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