Is it safe to take COVID Vaccine after a Dermal Filler treatment?

Is it safe to take COVID Vaccine after a Dermal Filler treatment?

Some people are absolutely fine with aging naturally and gracefully. Meanwhile, others always look far and while on the Internet for the “McGuffin” of beauty products that will keep their youthful look every-lasting. If you fall into the second type, the good news is that we’re living in an age where you don’t have to go under the knife to rejuvenate your face or body. Our Dermal fillers Toronto staff can help you smooth out those dips, dimples, lines and wrinkles while producing natural-looking results.

However, recently, there have been reports of people with dermal fillers experiencing facial or lip swelling after being vaccinated against COVID-19. So, if you’re considering a dermal filler or you’ve been getting one injected regularly, is it safe to take the COVID-19 vaccine?

Why do people get dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are minimally evasive. That’s why it’s popular among not just women but also men for fighting against aging signs on the skin.

As we get older, our faces start to lose volume and fullness. That’s why our facial muscles start moving closer to the skin’s surface, resulting in visible smile lines, crow’s feet, sunken cheeks and temples, and thinner lips. Taking Dermal filler treatment in Toronto clinic we operate can help make your face look fuller and help mask away the imperfections you dislike.

The majority of the dermal fillers that we use are made out of hyaluronic acid and can be found in our skin. Over time — due to aging, sun damage, and genetics — we lose a certain amount of volume and hyaluronic acid in our skin. Dermal fillers allow our experts to replace what your skin has lost. So, if someone wants to add a little more shape or plumpness to their lips or a little bit of fullness to their cheeks where they once had it, dermal fillers can replace what they once lost. Doing this can make people look more youthful, attractive, or just more natural, like a younger version of themselves.

What the trials have shown so far

Back in December, according to the FDA in the United States, two cases reported facial swelling after being vaccinated during Moderna’s phase three trial. One person had a dermal filler placed six months before they were vaccinated. The swelling occurred one day after they were vaccinated. The other person had a dermal filler placed two weeks before vaccination and the swelling appeared two days after they were vaccinated.

A third person also reported swelling in the lips two days after being vaccinated. However, we don’t know how long it was between their dermal filler placement and vaccination.

Are these reactions out of the ordinary?

This isn’t something new. Typically, these immunologic reactions are very rare. With flu shots, other bacterial/viral illnesses, vaccines or dental procedures, these are immunologic reactions that are occurring.

They’re not allergies or infections. These are simply immunologic reactions where swelling occurs in places where people have or once had fillers.

It’s still safe to get dermal fillers

Since there were only three trial participants out of 15,184 people (who received at least one dose of Moderna’s mRNA-1273 vaccine) reported reactions related to dermal fillers, our experts at the fillers Toronto clinic are confident that COVID-19 vaccination shouldn’t be something you avoid, even when you have had dermal fillers injected.

However, we recommend you follow a strict rule of thumb for safety. You should avoid receiving dermal fillers two weeks before or after vaccinations just to be safe. If you’re planning to get plumped up and vaccinated when you can, be sure to discuss this with our dermatologist. We can then adjust your treatment plan accordingly.

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