Dysport vs botox: what’s the difference? 5 facts you should know

Dysport vs botox: what’s the difference?

If you’re used to getting Botox in Toronto but you’ve been curious about Dyport which is gaining popularity, here are 5 useful facts:

Dysport and Botox Both Contain Botulinum Type A

Dyport and Botox are very similar drugs. Both are neuromuscular-blocking agents commonly used for various cosmetic and medical applications. Dysport contains abobotulinumtoxinA and Botox contains onabotulinumtoxinA. The difference primarily refers to licensing and dosing specifications which have nothing to do with the medication’s wrinkle-relaxing properties or efficacy.

Both Dysport and Botox are injected into the muscle to stop facial expressions and thus temporarily soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Both medications have become popular for other uses such as slimming the jawline (masseters), treating excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and lifting the eyebrows. Both products generally last between 3-6 months (depending on the patient) and the results gradually wear off if not maintained. 

Dysport Has Shown to Have a Quicker Onset than Botox

One clear advantage of Dyport over Botox is that patients see results quicker. Dyport takes effect on average 2-5 days after injection as compared to 4-7 days with Botox. Both drugs are thought to function exactly the same, by blocking nerve signals to the muscles. Although Dysport contains a smaller molcule size and different chemical variation of botulinum toxin which accounts for its faster rate of onset.   

Results for Both Dyport and Botox Depend on Dosing

To achieve noticeable and long-lasting results with both medications, the proper dose must be administered. If you find that your wrinkle-relaxing treatment didn’t produce sufficient results or wore off too quickly then mention this during your next treatment. Sometimes increasing the amount of neuromodulator in a particular area by a few units can make a huge difference in longevity. In most cases only a minimal increase in cost can product significantly longer-lasting results. 

Pricing Differences between Dysport and Botox

Dysport is usually a little less expensive then Botox. The biggest determining factor of your Dysport or Botox, Toronto cost is based on your injector’s credentials. Cosmetic physicians and plastic surgeons generally charge a higher rate per unit on the assumption they have more training and expertise. This may not always be the case, however. Nurses in busy cosmetic clinics perform injections all day long. They may have more experience than a practicing plastic surgeon who may only do injections one day per week. Paying more for credentials doesn’t always guarantee great results. 

The Skill of the Injector Determines Results

When it comes to pleasing outcomes it’s the experience and training of your injector that’s most important. A good clinician will be able to properly assess the dosing required regardless of which product is being used. They will also need to know proper placement of the neuromodulator based on the strength of your muscle movement and facial structure. Dysport and Botox have slightly different diffusion distances so proper training and technique are crucial. 

Ada Shim N.P is an experienced Dysport Toronto and Burlington + dermal filler practitioner who works out of her Toronto and Burlington clinics.

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