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Are you planning to undergo a hair restoration treatment in Toronto? Mainstream hair loss is part and parcel of the natural hair growth cycle involving shedding & regrowth. A general human body sheds approximately 50 – 100 hair in a day while these are normally replaced by new hair. The moment you start losing more than what is getting replaced, it paves the way for bald patches, thinning of hair or uneven hair growth. Even though hair loss might look like a cosmetic issue, it still has many adverse and negative psychological effects.


As per the American Hair Research Society, 50% women begin to lose their hair by the age of 50. In case of men, approximately two-thirds of them start experiencing at least slightest of hair loss by the time they’re about to reach the age of 35.

Deciding upon hair restoration using PRP therapy can turn out to be the best decision of your life. The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is an emerging treatment and an effective remedy for regeneration of lost hair. Also, PRP virtually comes with no side effects other than a trivial feeling of pressure at the injected area.

PRP Therapy Process

Doctors started utilizing PRP treatment about 10 years ago to accelerate the healing process in affected joints after injury or surgical treatment. The therapy involves a specialist collecting your blood and using a centrifuge to spin it for obtaining the platelets and plasma separately.

The doctors insert the plasma, which assists in mending the blood vessels, enhancing cell growth and stimulating collagen production. However, the doctors tried the PRP therapy in dermatology only after the researchers discovered that greater amounts of platelets in plasma cells support and augment hair growth. This is actually possible due to the prolonging of the hair growth cycle.

Our hair restoration Toronto specialists infuse plasma into the area of scalp where tendency of baldness or hair loss has taken place. The injections are provided on monthly basis for initial 3 months, followed by a cycle of 3 to 4 months for about two years. The injection schedule and therapy sessions depend on your genetics, magnitude and tendency of hair loss, your age as well as hormonal aspects.

PRP Therapy is better than Other Hair Loss Treatments

Hair restoration using PRP is currently one of the most preferred methods in the market. People find it safe, affordable and result-oriented. There are other two FDA-approved medications for treating hair loss: finasteride and minoxidil. Perhaps these drugs have to be taken consistently in the long run and yet, the outcomes are inconsistent. Each of these drugs has some noticeable and troublesome side effects:

  • Minoxidil can cause dryness & itching on your scalp.
  • Finasteride can give rise to sexual dysfunction in men.

Another alternative is hair transplant is but it involves cuts in the scalp as well as longer duration for recovery. Moreover, a hair transplant is quite costlier and might leave scars too. In case of PRP therapy, the results are dramatically better with dense hair growth being a sure-shot possibility.

Expert Review from the Researchers

In a 2014 survey, researchers surveyed and observed men with baldness who used different approved medications. However, they saw only a negligible improvement in their hair growth. Though only after 4 PRP treatments, they showed approximately 30% higher hair growth in the thinning areas.

A 2017 Italy-based study also reported that male patients attained tremendous hair growth and denser hair restoration in scalp areas on which the doctors had used the PRP therapy.

Eligibility Factors for PRP therapy

Hair restoration in Toronto using the PRP therapy is quite safe and effective for most of the people. However, there are certain exceptions:

  • People having a basic disorder like, for example, a thyroid disease, they are likely to experience ordinary results. This is because such conditions are adamant in causing hair loss.
  • People who’re on blood thinners might not find the PRP treatment so efficient because their platelets won’t function quite efficaciously.

We, at Therapeutic Aesthetics, have an expert team of doctors and specialists to comprehend your case in a personalized manner. Contact our hair restoration Toronto experts today for flawless hair restoration solutions using the PRP therapy!

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