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There is an endless amount of skin care procedures targeted and tailored for all skin types. Whether you want to eliminate pores, diminish redness, smoothen your skin’s texture and so on, there is a treatment customized to tackle any of your concerns.

With the many available services provided, we want to focus on the benefits of our HydraFacial treatment Burlington clinic. Everyone’s skin care goal is to achieve clear, smooth, and beautiful skin. HydraFacial’s have become one of the most popular treatments of choice amongst consumers. Fun fact, it has become so popular that HydraFacial’s are performed every 15 seconds around the world! It has also come a favourite procedure for celebrities – no wonder their skin is close to flawless.

The beauty of HydraFacial’s is that it can target most of the common skin concerns such as dryness, aging, texture, etc., with little to no side effects. The way this medical-grade resurfacing procedure functions is it has the ability to clean out your pores and it hydrates your skin – hence the name of the treatment.

Our HydraFacial Burlington aestheticians use Venus Glow which is a dermal rejuvenation machine that uses tri-modality dermal system consisting of a vacuum, 360-degree rotating tip, and two jet streams of purified water. All three work together to brighten and moisturize dull skin, improve uneven skin tone, boost elasticity, remove blackheads or whiteheads, and control sebum secretion.

Let’s dive into all the lovely advantages of the HydraFacial treatment!

What is a HydraFacial?

A HydraFacial is a skin care treatment that uses a medical-grade device to deeply cleanse, extract, and beautifully hydrate the skin. It starts with clearing away dead skin cells and excess sebum, which then leads to the next step of the process which is prepping the face for extraction using a mix of salicylic and glycolic acids. These acids are applied to break up any dirt or oil that is clogged in the pores. Our HydraFacial Burlington professionals will clearly outline any product that is directly used on your face.

The following step is using the Venus Glow HydraFacial machine to extract and remove blackheads or whiteheads, dirt, oil, and any underlying impurities from the skin, while the hydrating and nourishing serums are gradually and simultaneously applied onto the skin. Essentially, the vacuum-like machine deeply penetrates the skin acting as a peel, microdermabrasion, and hydrating mask all in one.

Ask our specialists to inform you on additional add-on options or boosters to your lavish treatment.

Our HydraFacial Treatment Burlington Aestheticians Perform a Painless Procedure with No Downtime

HydraFacial’s are known to be non-invasive, which means the skin is not punctured. Post-treatment, our patients leave the clinic with radiant skin with little to no irritation. One of the many reasons why this procedure is so popular is because there is no down time. In just about 30 minutes, you can improve your skin’s glow and hydration.

Since liquid is deposited throughout the treatment using a smooth, plastic-tipped wand, our patients will not feel any discomfort such as scraping or pulling of the skin. Perhaps, they might feel a slight tingle when the acids are applied but no irritable sensations. Additionally, no needles, abrasion, or pinching is involved in this treatment. So, once the gentle HydraFacial procedure is completed, you will be camera-ready with a noticeable reduction in pores, fine lines, and an improved skin texture. You are also free to apply makeup following the treatment.

Our HydraFacial Burlington experts will inform you about the process from start to finish.

The Beneficial Outcomes of Our HydraFacial Treatment in Burlington

Instantly, HydraFacial’s work to diminish visibility of pores and fine lines. Our clients witness a firm, glowing texture, and complexion. Blackheads and whiteheads are all removed without a hint that they previously existed on the face.

The outstanding results you can expect are beneficial to the overall appearance of your skin. The advantages of getting a HydraFacial for various targeted areas of concern can include the following:

  • Diminishing enlarged pores
  • Getting rid of congested and oily skin
  • Improved elasticity
  • Firming the skin
  • Uniform tone
  • Vibrancy
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enhanced skin texture
  • Combatting brown spots

Our aestheticians perform a safe, reliable, and effective HydraFacial to improve the condition of your skin.

We would love to have you in our clinic for this extravagant treatment. Regardless of your skin care concerns, our HydraFacial treatment Burlington specialists will advise you on all the appropriate options customized to your unique needs.

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