PRP Treatment for Lips

PRP Treatment for Lips

Although the traditional lip needing method can help women get rid of lead-containing lipsticks and save a significant amount of time in makeup, due to the sensitive body, some women still expressed apprehension, fear of toxic skin, allergy to needling ink (the tattooed area can immediately develop tiny particles, swelling, burning, etc.) Suppose it is a professional cosmetology unit, such as our team from the best PRP clinic Toronto has to offer. In that case, this symptom will be immediately detected and promptly stopped.

As for the facilities with a poor reputation, low quality, needling specialists will often ignore the reaction and continue the lip needling process, causing many customers to lose so much money from having to take antibiotics later.

But now, with exclusive technology – PRP treatment for lips – needling experts at PRP Toronto are committed to giving customers the optimal effect and ensure that the color of your lips is always as fresh as desired.

What is the PRP Treatment for Lips?

The PRP treatment Toronto clinics use is a breakthrough step in the field of aesthetics, combining modern lip needling technology with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This is a technique performed through the principle of putting platelet-rich plasma (PRP) inside the epidermis of the lips. It helps to reduce wound healing time in half compared to other methods, and lip color will rise faster, with the correct tone and more natural color.

Benefits of PRP Treatment for Lips

The needling ink is extracted from autologous stem cells

Autologous stem cells are extracted from the customer’s own blood to create platelet-rich plasma and will use these stem cells to perform lip injection.

The process will be performed by medical practitioners

Our PRP treatment Toronto staff ensure that the procedure will be performed by professional medical practitioners, ensuring safety.

Faster recovery than traditional methods

Stem cells will stimulate cells to grow and heal wounds quickly. After spraying the lips, the healing time will be much shorter.

Regenerate new, rosy and natural lip skin

Thanks to stem cells, your body’s collagen production will be stimulated, which can bring a great effect in regenerating new, rosy and natural lip skin after lip needling.

The Procedure of PRP Treatment for Lips

Consultation and initial check-up

Depending on each specific case and individual face shape, our consultants at the PRP Toronto clinic will choose the best lip shape for you.

Extracting the autologous stem cells

We will use about 20ml of the client’s blood and then centrifuge to create stem cells, also known as platelet-rich plasma.

Lip anesthetics

The customer’s lip area will be desensitized using anesthesia so that the lip needling process can feel very gentle and completely painless.

Sterile instruments examination

Customers will feel secure when receiving the PRP treatment for their lips because it is performed in a sterile environment. The instruments are replaced individually for each customer, ensuring safety and anti-inflammatory.

Lip needling

Lip needling is done on your numbed lips so that you will feel at ease during the entire procedure. Stem cells will be evenly applied to the lips to stimulate collagen production, helping the lips to color as desired. You will receive plump and youthful lips afterward.

Our guide to home care

After the lip needling process is done, the customer will be guided by a home care specialist to achieve the desired results quickly.

Our PRP clinic Toronto is the leading center in researching and applying new techniques in cosmetic microneedling. Our technique for PRP treatment of the lips is performed by a team of experienced doctors and technicians in a sterile environment, ensuring the principles of hygiene and safety according to hospital standards in microneedling. You will always feel at home and at ease when receiving our services here. If you are interested in our work, give us a call!

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