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results of Sculptra non-surgical butt lift
We pride ourselves in using the latest techniques in non-surgical cosmetics to enhance your natural features.

Does a voluptuous pair of buttocks cater to your needs for being attractive?

Do you desire being well-rounded while you’re in your yoga pants?

Imagine having a curvaceous and a plump bottom – WITHOUT A SURGERY! With a non-surgical butt lift in Toronto by Therapeutic Aesthetics Medical Spa, your dream is about to be fulfilled in the best way possible!

Your dream figure isn’t far away. A surgery-free butt lift treatment is what you need. No stitches, no scars, no marks, no scalpel fidgeting with your butt! Opt for natural-looking contours arising out of harmless fluids injected in the area of interest. Fitness regimes aren’t always capable of giving you the desired results if you’re not having genetically induced curvy gluteal region. This is where surgery-free butt augmentation can be useful to you and your enticing bottoms.

Non-surgical Butt Lift Treatment in Toronto

The most trending solution for enhancing and contouring your buttocks in Toronto is by a non-surgical butt lift. A dermal collagen rebuilder, in the form of a liquid, is injected amidst your bottom area. It stimulates your body’s collagen and subsequently augments the volume of your butts. Re-sculpting your rear assets with a non-surgical remedy is the perfect alternative. This treatment lasts for about an hour and usually no downtime prevails.

The Seamless Butt Lifting Process

Pain-free injections containing special fluids are used on the skin area. This boosts the growth of collagen while thickening the skin. Within a considerable span of time, you’ll notice that your butt is undergoing a capacious change. The non-surgical butt lift solutions in Toronto by Therapeutic Aesthetics Medical Spa ensures that you undergo a result-oriented change. We have a qualified team of expert doctors and cosmeticians who can refine your bottoms and transform them into an alluring bubble butt!

Eligibility and Potential Results

Non-surgical butt lift treatment in Toronto takes into account several aspects for a patient’s eligibility. Your fat on and around the butt area is the nominal deciding factor whether you’re eligible for the same or not.

The butt lifting remedies are delivered on monthly basis at regular intervals. Hence, you can check out whether a voluminous change has appeared or not. Advantageously, the results are commodious and yet they boast of a natural-looking outcome. This refrains the need for you to be answerable to questions regarding a sudden revamping of your nicely shaped butt. Clinically, you’ll begin to notice a substantial change within 1 to 2 sessions of non-surgical butt lift treatment in Toronto.

There’s literally no downtime linked with this treatment although you might have to undergo a temporary swelling and negligible bruising. These after-effects are usually short-term and momentary. They vanish within a period of 6 to 7 days from the day of initiating the treatment.

Whether it’s the synthetic buttock implants or personalized liposuction – nothing matches the level of safety and efficiency as much as a surgery-free remedy does! Therapeutic Aesthetics Medical Spa, the leading non-surgical butt lifting destination in Toronto, is ready to be at your service – Get in touch with us TODAY!

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